Our Cafe

The heart of The Daily Cafe is to feed community life. Our tummies and our hearts. The collective of people behind the café are passionate about seeing people connect with each other, develop relationships and ‘do good’ in our community. We believe everyone deserves the right to connect with others in their community and thrive. No matter where you are at on your journey. We want to be part of your story. We want to help make your story great! We could just develop a cafe and make money, but where is the fun in that… We want more. We want to help the community to develop and grow. Te Puke is great, the best little town around – together we can make it even better.

Our Coffee

Turning coffee into water. We are very excited to be partnering with Excelso. A coffee distributor with a similar heart to ours doing great things in our community. They do an organic and Fair Trade coffee blend called good.coffee through the Good Trust. This coffee not only tastes amazing, is a channel to building wells and providing fresh water for communities in Cambodia.

How you may ask? The good trust is a 100% charity. This means that 100% of all profit/ money donated goes to the project that it is supporting. It works out like this. You buy ONE coffee from us, and by doing so, you provide fresh water for one person for a whole week in Cambodia. How cool is that!? Your daily treat can make a difference in someone’s life for a whole week. Imagine how much good we can do together!

Our Food

We use a european concept at The Daily. Instead of having 30 different menu items, we have much less, offering a few fabulous fresh meals to choose from daily – good wholesome food, reasonably priced without compromising on quality, and changing according to the seasons.

Our focus is on great service and fresh food. With an ever changing menu, you can try different things every time you come in. You can also choose from a select range of fresh salads, freshly made smoothies, something sweet or even a freshly made savoury in our cabinet.

We value our environment and therefore focus on local produce and minimum waste. We also offer catering for meetings, meet-ups or special days and occasions. Give us a call to design a menu of your choice.